Yes we make custom rods as well. We are fishing fanatics!

I began making fishing rods when I was 16 years old. I was taught the “old fashion” basics of custom rod building by the late Frank Libertelli. Frank, many years my senior spent many hours with me showing me tricks to making rods as well as discussing blank action, spines and guides. I learned through careful study how most manufactures don’t really understand how an active spine, inactive spine and guide placement all affect a rods performance.

Frank studied rod building along side with Dale Clemens (or so he told me). In case you don’t know Dale Clemens, he is a pioneer of custom riding building as well as an author of many books on the subject. I wonder where the custom rod building community would be today without the teachings of Clemens?

Before “Frankie” passed he gave me several of his notebooks including hundreds of pages of his personal research and findings about custom rod building. This section of my website is dedicated to him. I combined Franks research with my own to be able to make the most functions rods available.

Through high school and college I made rods for personal use and than one day while on a drift boat someone began talking to me about one of the rods I was using. Two weeks later I sold my first custom fishing rod.

The rods I make are a blend of expression, creativity and functionality. My rods are highly customized for particular styles of fishing including light tackle, fly, offshore, spinning and trolling. I make rods the way they are SUPPOSED to be made.

I make rods because I have a passion for it and I believe that you get much more bang for your buck. I do not have a large production business but do sell to new customers and am always available for repairs. The customers that I do have are life long. Why are they life long? Because my rods catch fish!

We proudly use:

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