Before moving to South Florida i grew up fishing all over Long Island, New York. From Montauk, to Cold Spring Harbor through the South Shore. I caught my first fish with my Dad at around 6 years old. A keeper flounder we had for dinner. From that point on I fell in love with the ocean and fishing.  I worked on fishing boats, fished inshore and offshore. I fished the Canyons for tuna, inshore for blues and striped bass. For me it has always been a love affair with the ocean and the sport.

After college I bought my first boat. A 23′ center console rigged with low end electronics, some large outriggers and plenty of rod holders. I fished offshore in South Florida for 3 years before I sold her and made a career change and decided to attend law school.

After my schooling was complete, I got my first job and had some medical issues. I had my gallbladder removed (pretty rare for a person in their early 30’s) after six months of hospitals, testing, blood work etc etc.

I pretty much woke up from that surgery and while still in the hospital said to my wife, “We’re buying another boat.” Through my surgery recovery I searched endlessly for the rig that would suit my fishing needs. I needed twin engines, but quickly made the decision that I wanted 2-stroke engines rather than 4 strokes. I also wanted the boat to have a trailer for our keys trips. I didn’t care about the electronics as I wanted to install my own systems.

After several weeks I found my rig right around July 4, 2011. A 28′ center counsel on a trailer with twin mercury 2 stroke engines. The engines were in great shape, the hull was flawless, but although everything worked most of the equipment just was not up to my standards.

I purchased the boat and had a long meeting with my mechanic and good friend regarding what my hopes were to this vessel. We shot for a launch date around August 30, 2011. (yea’ right)

My mechanic and myself worked rentlessly. When I wasn’t in court I was working on the boat. We replaced the hydraulic steering systems, all new electrical systems, new batteries, new outriggers, all the filters were changes, new water pumps, new spark plugs, new carburetors and to top it all off installed a 12” Garmin 4212 GPS/Radar/Sounder with a 1kw thru hull transducer. I was thrilled about how the completed rig looked.

I should say if anyone needs any electronics I highly support and recommend There prices and customer service is excellent.

When all the upgrades were complete it was right around September 30, 2011. The shake down cruise went flawlessly and we named her “Mocean Granted” My name is Grant and I am an attorney. A “motion” is a pleading at the court and what lawyers argue about all day long. When you win the argument the judge says “Motion Granted.” combine that with fishing and the ocean and you have “Mocean Grantd” A name was born.