I tie a lot of flies, mainly baitfish patterns in all different color combinations so wen the bite turns on I have a series of flied ready that game fish will take. Typically, I carry in sizes 1/0-3/0:

  • 6 chartreuse and white
  • 6 pink and white
  • 6 red and white
  • 6 all white
  • 6 blue and white
  • 6 misc colors.

Just in case you have not been keeping count thats 42 flies in a series of boxes that I have with me anytime I head offshore. For travel that number typically doubles. Now stay with me. Think about 42 colors in 3 different sizes thats 126 flies that i carry. Talk about a lot of space taken up by flies.

Lucky for you I have a trick and no longer carry 126 flies. Yes, of course, ill share my trick. I now carry 12 all white flies in sized 1/0 through 3/0 equalling 36 flies total again tied in all white and (heres the secret) 5-10 markers. Regular old permanent markers in various colors. Do you see where I am going here? I can take an all white fly and color it in any combination I wish instantly and even add stripes, mix colors and add fishy patterns.

Carrying 36 flies vs. 142 flies means 1 or 2 large fly boxes rather than 5/6 fly boxes which is less than half of the space, not to mention money saved on materials and fly boxes.

One year all the king fish in my area would only strike dirty orange flies with white bellies. So, I have 60 flies in this color that have not been touched since that very unusual season. Had I discovered my marker trick I could have colored each fly as I needed it and not be stick with all these flies and materials I may never use again.

Try my idea and I know you will be pleased. Plus all the room saved you can bring other items you may really need.

Tight Lines.

Capt. Grant