The holidays are officially upon on and as children, and some adults, wait anxiously for Christmas for me Christmas means sailfish! Don’t get me wrong, I love the holidays. I enjoy giving gifts, love all the food, think Santa is a radical dude and am excited for Christmas morning. However, with the holidays means strong cold fronts hitting South Florida from the North East. On the coldest days the sail fishing is awesome.

I consider myself a hardcore fly fisherman, but i love kite fishing for sailfish. If you have never dangled a live bait from a kite and watched a sailfish come up and attack that bait, your really missing out. I hate trolling, I find it a waste of gas and unproductive. Well, that is unless you are tuna fishing in which case I think trolling is productive. Kite fishing is just so easy and the rewards are HUGE.

Its simple, deploy a sea anchor to slow your drift down. Let out a kite on your kite rod than from a release clip dangle your “bait rod” so the live bait is sitting right on the surface. Kings, wahoo, sailfish, tuna, even dolphin will attack that nervous bait with gusto. If they miss they bait they will sky rocket out of the water. Keep your eyes on the bait and your camera ready! Trust me, try it and you will be hooked.

Well, the wind is still howling here so I haven’t kite fished in quite a while but I’m all ready. New line on all my reels and kite rod. So what do I do when the wind never stops? Simple, I tie flies and take pictures. I love photography, but that for another blog. I have been tying gotcha’s, merkins, eat me fly’s, clousers and dock light snook fly’s. I really enjoy being behind my vise. Its relaxing and when the better weather comes my fly boxes will be packet with flies. Im not a big fan of staying up past my bed time to tie fly’s for the next morning. I rather be prepared so I can jump on a weather window at a moments notice.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy Fly Tying and Happy Kite Fishing.

-Capt. Grant