My second favorite time of year has officially arrived! (my first favorite time of the year is mid may when we have loads of big kingfish and dolphin) Currently the fishing is hot hot hot and so is the weather.

If your a fly fisherman this next sentence should have you diving for your nearest fly rods…the Albies are HERE! Head offshore to 90-120 feet with a few boxes of dead glass minnows and chum like crazy. You will see the bonita eating the glass minnows within a few feet of the boat. Throw just about any fly and you will hook up. You really only need to be able to cast about 10-20 feet and your fly will be in the strike zone. The bonita have been hitting clouser’s, gummy minnows and crease flys very well but any baitfish imitation will work. I strongly suggest fishing an intermediate sinking line and beefing up your tackle to at least an 8/9 weight rod or above. You can absolutely catch these on lighter tackle but with the amount of sharks around, the more you play the fish the better chance a shark will eat it. it is not uncommon to hook 20 fish but only 5-8 due to the shark problems. Using heavier tackle will increase your odds of landing fish.

If you do find yourself with a lot of sharks around the bite…MOVE! the sharks will not go away if there is chum and bonita int he water. Move the boat and start chumming again..the pelagic will find you.

Mixed in with the albies have been large black fin tuna, king fish, dolphins and the occasional wahoo.

For you non fly fisherman there has been excellent snapper fishing on the reefs from 75-90 feet with limits of yellowtails, muttons and mangrove snappers.

Inshore the snook fishing on the beach has been getting better as well. Pre-dawn there has been schools of bait right on the beach with snook, jacks and lady fish mixed in as well. I recommend throwing a 7/8 weight intermediate line and a 15-20lb fluorocarbon tippet to any baitfish imitation (chartreuse and white work best for me).

Fish before work, after work, during work whatever. Just go fish!